Noodle Palace 2016

creative lighting | festoon lighting | light boxes | lanterns |  event power

Once again Micktric Events got together with the events industry’s best creatives to deliver the good people of Perth the multi-award winning Fringe World Festival venue, Noodle Palace 2016.  This year we thought outside (and inside) the box to transform the Central Institute of Technology’s (pretty bare) courtyard into a Chinese themed rooftop venue buzzing with energy!

Event organiser: Jump Climb | Photography: OK Media Group| Styling and concept: Project Blak | Catering: Mary’s and el Publico  | Bar: Perth Social Club | Lighting and power: Micktric Events

2016.01.21 NOODLE PALACE_SOFT LAUNCH_WR-33 2016.01.23 NOODLE PALACE WR-9 2016.01.21 NOODLE PALACE_SOFT LAUNCH_WR-172016.01.21 NOODLE PALACE_SOFT LAUNCH_WR-232016.01.23 NOODLE PALACE WR-102016.01.23 NOODLE PALACE WR-4 (1)2016.01.22 NOODLE PALACE -91 2016.01.22 NOODLE PALACE -86 2016.01.22 NOODLE PALACE -94 2016.01.30 NOODLE PALACE_ADITIONAL-4 - smaller size2016.01.21 NOODLE PALACE_SOFT LAUNCH_WR-382016.01.30 NOODLE PALACE_ADITIONAL-6 smaller size2016.01.21 NOODLE PALACE_SOFT LAUNCH_WR-48 2016.01.22 NOODLE PALACE -442016.01.22 NOODLE PALACE -1002016.01.23 NOODLE PALACE WR-113 2016.01.23 NOODLE PALACE WR-132 2016.01.23 NOODLE PALACE WR-139