Dry Hire FAQs

What is Dry Hire?

Dry Hire is the process of utilising our products without having Micktric Events install them for you. If you have the capability to install them yourself, this is great way to have world class lighting at your event at a smaller price.

How does Dry Hire work?

Dry Hiring our products works in much the same way you’d hire other party or event supplies. Jump on our website and browse the products section. Select the products you want, choose your event dates and proceed through the checkout process. We’ll be in touch to liaise with you on pick up and drop off times.

How much does it cost?

Hire charges depend on the product you’re hiring and how long you need them for. Prices are calculated on a per day basis and include pick up one day before your event and drop off one day after your event.

How long can I hire your products via Dry Hire?

For as long as you need them. Prices are charged on a per day basis.

Do you ship the products?

We encourage you to pick the lights up yourself but delivery can be arranged for an extra cost.

Where to I pick the lights up from? Where do I drop them back?

Most pick ups and drop offs will be at our Balcatta address or if otherwise arranged, from our Claremont office.

Do I need any special equipment to install them?

No, all our products are plug and play and tested and tagged. It’ll be handy to have a ladder though!

Where can I see your product range? 

Check out our products page.

I have a question that isn’t answered here! 

Get in contact!